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Pharmacist explaining the drug to patient

Why Pharmacists Are Recommending An Everyday Probiotic

You hear it from everyone you know, coworkers, friends, family, even your pharmacist—probiotics are important! The benefits of everyday probiotics are numerous, and study upon study is being conducted to identify the link between gut health and how it affects our overall health and well-being. If you are a little late to the probiotic party, we’ll go ahead and take you through what they are, how can benefit your body, and why many pharmacists recommend taking one every day.

Probiotics have been quite popular lately, and for good reason! Pharmacists often recommend an everyday probiotic to counter the harmful effects of antibiotics. The live bacteria in probiotics help to maintain balance in the gut by promoting the growth of good bacteria. When balance is disrupted by something like an antibiotic, which kills both good and bad bacteria, a probiotic supplement works to grow more good bacteria! Whether you’re on antibiotics or not, taking a probiotic supplement every day is a great way to maintain balance in your gut.

According to the National Institutes of Health, probiotics can:
• Help to maintain a desirable or beneficial community of microorganisms in your system.
• Stabilize the digestive and vaginal tracts’ barriers against undesirable microorganisms or produce substances that inhibit “bad” microorganisms’ growth.
• Help the community of microorganisms in the body return to normal after being disturbed, for example, by use of antibiotics or by an illness.
• Outcompete undesirable microorganisms.
• Stimulate immune response.

Not only is it important to take a probiotic supplement every day, it is also crucial that you choose the right probiotic for you. When it comes to deciding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as there are a ton of options out there. One thing to remember is that refrigerated probiotics are best. Probiotics are live bacteria and when left unrefrigerated, they naturally die off at a faster rate. You want the cell count of your probiotic supplement to remain as potent and consistent as possible through the expiration date.

When all is said and done, gut health is vital to your body and its daily functioning. Start your everyday probiotic routine to get your health on the fast track to satisfactory, and heal from the inside out.

†Florajen Eczema is a medical food probiotic intended to be taken under medical supervision.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.